*** Payments ***

Quite a lot of you have mentioned that you’ve lost track of when your next payment is due. This is totally understandable with all the time I’ve had off recently. Here is a list of classes and payment due dates: –
Mondays 13:00 at The Parish Centre – 26th June
Mondays 18:30 at Outwood – 26th June
Tuesdays 18:30 at Outwood – 5th July
Wednesdays 17:00 at Heath – 28th June
Wednesdays 19:00 at North Wingfield – 14th June
Thursdays 09:30 at Loundsley Green – 13th July
Thursdays 17:45 at Loundsley Green – 22nd June
Thursdays 19:30 at Loundsley Green – 13th July

Payment for workshops are due one month before the workshop date, to guarantee your place.

If you’re unsure which class you’re enrolled on because you switch from week to week please contact me.