*** Workshop Cancellation ***

The Chesterfield Half Marathon is taking place on 22nd October, the same day as one of my workshops. I’ve decided to cancel the workshop as I can imagine those travelling by car may encounter road closures on the way.
I am currently looking to see if I can organise a workshop for another date and will keep you posted.

*** Payments ***

Quite a lot of you have mentioned that you’ve lost track of when your next payment is due. This is totally understandable with all the time I’ve had off recently. Here is a list of classes and payment due dates: –
Mondays 13:00 at The Parish Centre – 26th June
Mondays 18:30 at Outwood – 26th June
Tuesdays 18:30 at Outwood – 5th July
Wednesdays 17:00 at Heath – 28th June
Wednesdays 19:00 at North Wingfield – 14th June
Thursdays 09:30 at Loundsley Green – 13th July
Thursdays 17:45 at Loundsley Green – 22nd June
Thursdays 19:30 at Loundsley Green – 13th July

Payment for workshops are due one month before the workshop date, to guarantee your place.

If you’re unsure which class you’re enrolled on because you switch from week to week please contact me.

*** My Holidays ***

My next break from work is approaching. There will be no classes from 3rd until 6th April.
There are also Bank Holidays approaching, so some of the Monday classes will be disrupted. The dates are 17th April and 1st & 29th May.
Local elections mean we can’t use Loundsley Green Community Centre on 4th May so I have also decided to take 2nd & 3rd May off too.
We’d already booked 5th to 8th June off but then things will return to the normal routine until September.

*** Holidays ***

We’ve only got one week off this December. The last class finishes at 21:00 on Thursday 22nd December and the first class of 2017 will be on Tuesday 3rd January at 18:30.
This means we have only six weeks of classes before waving goodbye to 2016! Time flies when you’re having funĀ